Why is High School Free in the United States But Not College?

You may be wondering: Why is high school free in the United States, but not college? The answer to this question depends on the economics of the country. The 1960s were a time of economic growth and declining poverty. Women and working class white men were seeking middle-class jobs and politicians in Washington wanted to help them attain the American dream. The 1960s also saw a major social change. During that time, the GI Bill was passed and many more people went to college.

While federal aid may help with tuition, private scholarships may help with room and board and childcare. The cost of college continues to impede many students from earning a degree. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of undergraduates has decreased by 5.1% since the last study, and declines are greatest among schools serving low-income students. Thus, free college might be a good way to encourage more people to pursue higher education.

In 2006, two-thirds of public high school students had a graduation test, and that effect was reflected in higher two-year college graduation rates. In fact, the program increased two-year graduation rates by 25%. This is not a large increase, but the effect is significant. And the results of the study are still controversial. But despite the controversial nature of the study, the findings point to the benefits of free high school.

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