Where Did Elon Musk Go Wrong With Tesla?

Despite his laudable achievements, Elon Musk has often come across as a flawed leader and entrepreneur. His company, Tesla, is one example of a company that was built on a false promise and ended up failing. Elon Musk has a knack for convincing people of the merits of his innovations, but there are always trade-offs. The Tesla Model S is no exception. The company is notoriously expensive to repair.

To make matters worse, Tesla’s internal culture has become toxic. Elon Musk has never consulted with its employees and has revealed his plans to the public through public statements. In a first-quarter earnings call, he rejected all questions regarding Model 3 reservations. The media ecosystem surrounding the company is also full of complaints. Musk has not been transparent enough to get employee feedback, which means that the company is lacking an authentic culture.

Despite Tesla’s shortcomings, the company is still one of the leaders in EVs. Musk has been very open about the company’s problems, while at the same time providing sage advice to rivals. For example, Musk recently advised Rivian not to open a second factory in the United States. This shows that he understands the problems that the carmaker faces, but he also knows that it’s hard to succeed in any industry.

The most recent report that surfaced the problems with the Tesla factory is a shocking one. The company’s production goals were linked to a high number of on-the-job injuries and illnesses. The company responded by improving the working conditions in the factory, but it failed to report hundreds of injuries. Even worse, the company’s employees were not told about the problems. As a result, workers suffered in a dangerous environment and the public’s safety was compromised.

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