What Kpop Company Treats Idols the Best?

In general, the biggest three entertainment companies in Kpop treat their idols the best, and smaller ones are not much better. They tend to blackmail their idols to stay, by filming their sexual activities and using the footage against them. In some cases, idols leave their agencies because the managers bribed them to keep their contracts. Another example of this is actress Han Hyo Joo, who left the pass agency after a manager threatened her with a lawsuit if she left.

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It is no surprise that the K-pop industry has become so powerful and lucrative, and they have taken over the lives of their idols. Many trainees do not know that their contracts include a commitment to stay with the company permanently. Many enter the industry during adolescence and spend up to ten or fifteen years in training before making their debut. K-pop music companies often demand massive exit fees, and blackmail idols with sexual activities.

In order to get a contract, trainees must pass a stringent set of auditions. They must be 700:1 competitive, and a lot of training is required to become an idol. Once accepted, trainees must sign a contract with an entertainment company, which can last two years or even a decade. A trainee’s daily schedule can start as early as 4 am and end at midnight.




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