What Are the Worst Music Videos on YouTube?

What are the worst music videos on YouTube? This question inevitably arises at some point or another. There are some that are extremely offensive and indecent, while there are also others that are just plain stupid. So who is to blame? After all, anyone can create a bad music video. The cheesy factor can reach 11 in some cases. Some of the worst examples of music videos include videos that have a lot of ideas but fail to get them across, or have a lot of awkward dancing or metaphors.

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“Summertime Is Great” by a family of three is a prime example. Despite its title, it is still incredibly cringe-worthy. The band’s members were actually filmed performing on a stage resembling an Atari game. There are plenty of other cringe-worthy videos on YouTube, but this one tops the list. Not only does this video look awful, but it also has plenty of action scenes. In addition to its poor acting and ghastly content, the band played on a stage that was a mock-up of an Atari game.

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