Things to keep in mind before selecting your next Salesforce partner

If you’re looking for a salesforce company in Australia, you will want to ensure that it has the right credentials. The best way to do this is by asking yourself some questions about salesforce partners in Australia and its history. If you know what questions to ask, you can quickly narrow down your list of potential partners and find one that offers everything that matters most in your industry.

Track record of success.

The best way to assess the track record of a Salesforce partner is to look at their success rate. How many of their clients have achieved their desired outcomes? How many of them are still using the partner’s services? How long has the partner been in business, and how many clients have they worked with?

  • What is their success rate?
  • How long have they been in business, and what was their company’s growth over that period (if applicable)?
  • What kinds of organisations do they serve (e.g., startups or large enterprises), and what industry verticals do those organisations represent (e.g., healthcare versus financial services)?

Knowledge of your industry.

Salesforce partners in Australia worked with many clients in various industries, and we’ve learned that it’s essential to know your industry. This helps us understand how Salesforce can help your business grow.

For example, suppose you’re in B2B technology sales. In that case, chances are you need to be able to differentiate yourself from other companies by having better data and reporting capabilities than they do. If you’re selling products or services within healthcare, then specific regulatory and compliance requirements may not apply to other industries like financial services or e-commerce. In both these cases, Salesforce can help us achieve our goals because it provides a system that allows us to track data effectively while staying compliant with all required regulations (and more).

A focus on innovation and value-added services.

If you’re looking for a Salesforce partner in Australia, it pays to find one that has a focus on innovation. This is important because it shows that they are up-to-date on the latest technology trends and their commitment to providing value-added services and helping you meet your business goals.

The best Salesforce partners often offer more than just normal implementation services. They can also provide ongoing training, regular consultations and even customisations to help improve your business processes.

Keeping up with Salesforce release cycles.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a partner is keeping up with Salesforce release cycles. As you’re probably aware, Salesforce is constantly releasing new platform versions. You must have a partner to help ensure your organisation is ready for each new release.

For starters, it’s important to understand that every version of Salesforce adds new functionality and features. The more functionality added to the platform, the more complicated it becomes for customers to use their CRMs effectively without professional support and guidance from a trusted partner. These updates also bring dramatic improvements and changes across the entire user interface, requiring training so users don’t get lost in all these changes or fall behind on productivity. Once you start using Salesforce regularly and building out your business processes around it, upgrading may become necessary to continue using all its great tools!


The Salesforce platform is a powerful tool, but it’s the only one out there. Knowing what makes your partner stand out from the crowd and who can help you achieve your goals is essential. The best way to do this is by asking them questions about their services, experience with Salesforce and customer references celebrities age.

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