Risks of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

The risks of investing in commercial real estate are multi-fold. Access to credit is an essential factor. This includes borrowing from senior debt and mezzanine debt. Location is another factor, and the quality of a location changes depending on amenities, transport links, and tenants’ perceptions of the area. Here are a few of the risks associated with commercial real estate. However, many investors are confident that their property is a safe and good choice.

In order to determine which commercial real estate asset class is best for investment, an investor needs to do research. Research how specific asset classes have fared in a given market. For example, a particular type of property may be doing very well on a national scale, but not in a specific city. In addition, investors must decide whether they are interested in multi-tenant properties or single-tenant assets.

The condition of real estate is subject to deterioration over time. This is particularly true after a boom, as property values can rise beyond long-term trends. The decline in valuation can wipe out any down payment you made on the property. The price of real estate may go down again if the economy continues to contract. Further, economic contraction may make it difficult to find quality tenants and continue to maintain the property.

There are two types of risk in commercial real estate. The first type is asset-level risk, which is the risk associated with the overall economy. While multi-family properties are low-risk, they often yield lower returns than shopping malls or office buildings. Furthermore, hotels rely heavily on tourism and business travel, and they are considered to be more risky than apartments. As a result, investors should diversify their portfolios to minimize these risks.

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