How Would You Reform Israel’s Education System?

The educational policy in Israel is rooted in the intention of providing a level playing field for children of all backgrounds and abilities. However, early results revealed that children were not equally gifted, and the educational system adapted to meet their needs. The educational policy was integrative for the first thirty years, with a focus on egalitarian ideology. Later, it shifted to individual potential, and emphasized affirmative action.

One of the most pressing challenges is educating haredim, who make up 50% of Israel’s population. Israel needs massive education reform, including a vastly improved core curriculum and eliminating exceptions for haredim. Israel has a long history of getting its act together, but this time, the problem is far more insidious. As the country struggles with a growing population and stagnating economy, it’s important to reform its education system.

After the 1948 war, David Ben-Gurion, the charismatic leader of Israel, called upon the educational system to be a force for radical change. The new education system was to prepare its new society through a radical transformation. Despite the political and social context, this goal would affect all of the country’s education system. As a result, he was charged with changing an entire population. What this meant for the education system was radical.

In 2011, Vromen, a secular forum participant, organized a discussion about the educational system. She asked her daughter to read a handout about an Arab city. The Jews are later killed, but Suleiman and his family are spared. In contrast, the haredi community in Israel is only 12%-developed, and its citizens are more likely to be poor. Therefore, education is the key to success.

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