Gemini TV is one of the most popular Telugu satellite channels in India

As part of the sun network, Gemini TV is a 24 hour telugu general entertainment channel. While the show schedule does not contain the best of the best, it is the home to new blockbuster movies and dramas. The channel also airs popular prime time serials and other programs. You can find a wide variety of shows on Gemini TV, including family dramas, comedies, and dramas. For example, the show Nathicharami is a telenovela about separated couples.

You can find Gemini TV schedule here. The episodes of Sapthamathrika and Agni Poolu air on Gemini TV from Monday to Saturday. These shows revolve around four friends and their relationships. Also, you can catch Gemini TV serials Nandhini and Keratalu, which air every Saturday at 9.00 p.m. and watch the latest news on your favorite show. Gemini TV schedule can help you decide which of the two genres to focus on for your campaign.

As part of the Sun TV Network, Gemini TV is one of the most popular Telugu satellite channels in India. The channel has been around for a while, and is one of the oldest Telugu television channels in the country. The Gemini TV HD feed debuted on 11 December 2011 along with the Sun TV HD feed, K TV, and Sun Music. This made it the first non-Hindi HD channels in the country.





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