Did Standards Based Reform Improve American Education?

Did standards based reform improve American education? It depends on how you measure it. Many teachers feared that the new tests would undermine good teaching and curriculum. Others feared that standardized tests would make it difficult for students to get into a selective college. The result was a flurry of protests in the middle and upper classes. What’s the real answer? Let’s look at some of the arguments in favor of and against standards based reform.

The main thrust of standards based reform has been to hold states and districts accountable for student achievement. The idea of holding school systems accountable for student achievement requires rigorous standards and high expectations for all students. The standards themselves are not enough, however. They must be accompanied by rigorous curricula and instruction that support these standards. The standards-based reform movement was designed to improve student learning, but it hasn’t done that. Instead, it has left many educators unhappy.Best Website for SEO Guest Post Service

The movement for standards originated in the 1990s, when the U.S. Congress set up the National Education Goals. Although many of the goals were based on outcomes-based education principles, not all were reached by 2000. The movement continued, culminating in the No Child Left Behind Act, which required all states to make annual progress toward proficiency by 2014 and conduct annual standardized tests. But in some states, this law was waived.The first thing you need to look for in a guest posting service is the quality of its work. The price should be reasonable thewebgross since high-quality guest posts require a lot of time and timewires. Avoid websites that promise to do it for free, as these companies are usually sneaky and cut corners. Be sure to invest in a quality guest posting service and see your business grow. You can newstabportal how much to pay for SEO services by reading the SEO pricing guide of bloggingideas.

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