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Movierulz is a website that offers movies in a variety of formats and sizes. It includes movies from Bollywood and Tollywood. You can download these films for free. However, the site has recently been blocked by the Indian government. The site owners have changed the name of the site and some of its links.

The steps below

Usually, piracy sites keep changing their domain names and it becomes difficult to track them. So, the film industry has struggled to keep a watch on these websites. In India, the law punishes film piracy. If you want to download a movie on the internet, it is always better to visit a legal source. To find out whether the site you are downloading a movie on is legal or not, follow the steps below.

One of the major factors that contribute to the popularity of the movies is the quality of the graphics and the amazing stunts. Hence, people are ready to spend more money to watch Hollywood movies. Many of the popular actors have also made videos to stop piracy. Therefore, you should try to avoid piracy websites as much as possible. These sites also negatively affect the box office collections.

Movierulz page 4 is a movie streaming and downloading site. It is free to use and offers users the ability to download and watch movies. However, the website is deemed illegal by the Indian government. There are many pirated movie websites. For example, is one of the best sites for downloading new telugu movies online. But, it also uploads pirated versions of movies after a few days.

The site provides users with a wide variety of options to select the right movie to download. Users can also browse the genres to find what they want. Besides, the site offers users a rating system and a live stream facility.

A popular choice

Movierulz has a large collection of films from Bollywood, Tollywood, and Mollywood. In addition, it offers users the ability to download movies in HD. This feature makes the site a popular choice among movie lovers.

The Movierulz site is also available in a number of languages. Among these are Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Marathi. The site also provides users with dual audio movies.

Storage space

While using the site, users have to be careful about avoiding harmful viruses. They may corrupt devices and risk losing storage space. Also, users should make sure to close popup ads before they begin to download a movie.

Movierulz has a huge collection of pirated movies and TV shows. Some of the movies offered by the site include Bollywood and Hollywood films, Telugu, English, and regional films. Besides, it also offers users a range of different sizes, formats, and resolutions.


Aside from providing users with free movies, the site also charges advertisers. This is why Movierulz is considered illegal. For those who are not sure whether the site is legal, it is best to check with local regulations.

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