4 questions for your car accident lawyer in Fort Wayne

Immediately after a road mishap in Fort Wayne, you may feel disoriented and confused. If you have sustained injuries, focus on getting medical care and call 911 if necessary. Inform the local police and wait at the scene. You can use the time to gather evidence, photos, and details of the vehicles and drivers involved in the accident. Before you initiate an injury claim, consider getting a review of your claim. If you are meeting a car accident lawyer Fort Wayne, here are four questions you need to ask.

“What would you recommend me now?”

Meeting an accident lawyer gives you a chance to know your situation better. They can also share the dos and don’ts you need to follow after the accident. For instance, they may advise against posting images or details on social media and talking to the insurance company. Trust an attorney for their insights.

“What is your review of my accident claim?”

Victims usually want to know whether their claim is worth fighting for, and an accident lawyer can guide you on that. Ask the attorney about the expected settlement and the time required to recover money. Although a lawyer will have to investigate in detail to determine fault and liability, they can rely on preliminary evidence for an initial assessment.

“What experience do you have in handling such claims?”

Every car crash is unique in many ways, and while lawyers can never guarantee can outcome, they can tell you how they have handled similar claims and what you can expect from them. Knowing your accident lawyer is important, and for that, you can ask questions related to their work and top cases. A lawyer with years of experience will certainly share details without pause.

“What expenses do I need to pay for? What would be your fee?”

As a client, you have reasons to worry about the costs related to your car accident claim. The accident lawyer doesn’t get their fee until you win, but the contingency fee should be mentioned in the engagement letter. You are also liable for costs related to court, investigation, and hiring experts, and your lawyer will give you a ballpark beforehand.

You should ask the lawyer how you can communicate with them and get information pertaining to your claim. A seasoned accident lawyer will always remain accessible to clients, often through their teams and office. Don’t hire someone who acts very busy or doesn’t want to answer questions.

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